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blame goes around

Former coach of Rays Jose Cardenal speculates on what it like to be players who wear the Rays uniform:

"It's hard for the players to come into the ball
park every day and then you get your (bottom)
kicked," he says.
The Devil Rays have by far the worst
attendance in the majors, with an average of
13,064 through June 15, including 17 games
with fewer than 10,000 people at Tropicana
Field. When the ballpark is dead silent at 7:30
every night, you start to wonder why you're
playing, he says.
"If you do something good, nobody get excited
for you - nobody clap for you," Cardenal says.
"You're getting down on yourself. Those few
good players they have around like (Carl)
Crawford and (Aubrey) Huff and (Toby Hall),
they go to another organization (soon)."