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Where Piniella Ranks

Create your Manager Ranking at ESPN.

In ranking the managers I gave Bobby Cox #1, Tony LaRussa #2, and Piniella #10. For those who don't care so much for the job Piniella is doing, how would Bobby Cox or LaRussa have handled the job? What type of things might they have done given the personnel that would of been handed to them.

Devil Rays Yankees Photos

SportsCenter coming to Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Gades win again:

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays' second pick in this year's draft, Chris Mason made his pro debut in the seventh. He struck out three of the first four batters he faced, and eventually earned the win.
Breakout review: Mr Dukes

Alex Sanchez will start out as a platoon player:
You could say the Giants tried to inject a little juice into their lineup Thursday when they claimed Alex Sanchez off waivers.