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Team of the future

Just a random stab at projecting a future Rays team, say 2008. All the usual caveats about prospects in general and certain guys in particular apply here.

C John Jaso?
1B Wes Bankston
2B Elliot Johnson
SS BJ Upton
3B Jorge Cantu
LF Carl Crawford
CF Elijah Dukes
RF Delmon Young
DH Jonny Gomes

UT Fernando Cortez
UT Gaby Martinez?
OF Jason Pridie?

SP Scott Kazmir
SP Jeff Niemann
SP Jason Hammel
SP Wade Townsend
SP Chris Seddon

CL Chad Orvella
RP Andy Sonnanstine
RP Jon Barratt
RP Brian Henderson
RP Josh Parker?

Various other candidates could fit in there, particularly with the pitching staff. There are injury concerns (Houser, Switzer), current performance concerns (McClung, Waechter), etc. This isn't to say that almost every player on the team then will be homegrown, I'm sure there will be free agents mixed in there, but it's great to be able to look at the future and be able to make a reasonable projection of almost an entire 25-man roster with just young guys the organization has at the moment.