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First Base Travis Lee

Yes, he provides some good defense. However, his bat leaves alot to be desired. I have compared his bat to the old guy from Atlanta and Tino Martinez. We simply need more production out of that position.

Travis Lee
340OBP 349SLG 257AVG 1HR 18RBI 21R 61TB
Julio "Old Man" Franco
333OBP 475SLG 275AVG 6HR 23RBI 16R 57TB
Tino Martinez
325OBP 480SLG 225AVG 13HR 34RBI 31R 83TB

Update [2005-6-29 15:40:36 by David M. Bloom]:Rotoworld agrees: Lee has usually hit fourth or fifth despite an OPS that's lingered right around 700 since his return from the disabled list. If not for the possibility of an Aubrey Huff trade, the Rays should be thinking about releasing Lee, putting Huff at first base and turning over center field to Joey Gathright