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The worst call I've ever seen....

....was Lou Piniella naming Alex Sanchez the starting centerfielder.

The second worst call I've ever seen....

....was Chuck Lamar not trading Danys Baez in the offseason when he was coming off a pretty lucky year and his value was higher than it could be expected to be again.

The third worst call was of course that abysmal one at first base, calling Perez out when he was almost past the base when the ball got there. How can you possibly miss that? There is absolutely no excuse, no closeness, no obstruction, no being in a poor position, no question about him touching the base, that could concievably be used to explain calling him out. I could go into the other blown calls and missed strikes tonight, but that call at first base is way above all of them because it was so blatantly wrong.

Even worse was that Piniella pretty much did nothing when he came out. What happened to the "fiery, competitive guy" that the media always go on about? In 2003 he would have raised hell and thrown something, now he does nothing even on a call that is so obviously wrong. Way to show some spirit and stick up for your players.