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Lets look at the positives

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Lets do a recap on the season so far. Our opening day pitcher Brazelton has been demoted to the minors, another starter Bell has Rick Ankiel issues and can no longer find the plate, our free agent third baseman Gonzalez has lost his job, our free agent splash Josh Phelps has been sent packing, we have given up Gaudin for a backup catcher who cant crack the majors, ....

Now the positives: We got a nice young infielder for Sosa, Alomar retired, Cantu got his chance, Kazmir gives us a product that is watchable every fifth day for years to come, Orvella has made it to the show, Gomes and Gathwright should be up soon, followed by Upton. We have 2/3 of those spectacular Rice pitchers even if one is out of shape.  Baldelli will be back soon, then Delmon watch looms..

Looking forward, as much as we like Huff and Baez the fact remains they have one year left on their contracts, we need to go out and build for 2007 and beyond. Our time is not now, it will be soon...