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Here is the list:

Carl Everett 5.8
Jason Giambi 5.4
Frank Thomas 2.2
Erubiel Durazo 2.1
Ruben Sierra 1.8
Mike Ryan1.4
Chris Shelton -0.1
Curtis Pride -0.1
Adrian Gonzalez -0.6
Chad Allen -0.6
Ken Harvey -0.7
Calvin Pickering -2.0
Frank Menechino-2.1
Casey Kotchman -2.4
Jeff DaVanon -3.6
Juan Rivera -5.7

All these players have a VORP worse than Josh Phelps as a DH. Josh has a VORP of  8.4 on the season. Phelps will be claimed by somebody with his production, add in his modest salary, and there will be several teams with interest.