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Draft Results

Tampa Bay 2005 Draft  via BA.

Wade Townsend: "Because of competitive demeanor, is being looked at as potential closer at next level but has stuff to start."

"Who is Chris Mason of Bessemer City? Mason, now at UNC Greensboro, has been named the No. 82 prospect in the major-league baseball draft by Baseball America magazine."

Baseball Analysts on the Rays draft:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: If someone asked you before the draft if you'd spend seven figures on a player that was once the third starter on his college team, what would you say? What if you also learned the player hadn't pitched competitively in a year? Plain and simple, if the Devil Rays were looking for polished arms there were better options, as even Lance Broadway, Cesar Carillo and Brian Bogusevic would have made more sense, in my mind. I think their second round pick, Chris Mason, has decent potential, and everything changes if they sign Jeremy Hellickson. But expect Iowa's best prep prospect to attend LSU in the fall, pitch three very good seasons there, and go in the first round in 2008.