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Future so Bright, Ya Gotta

We have seen the projected 2007 lineups below, but what about next year? I am truly excited about what takes place from after the Allstar break and beyond.

I thought I would first address which players I think will go, and who stays in the trade rumblings that are heating up.

Catcher (Hall,Cash) : stays
1B (Lee,Perez) : Lee gone, Perez possible
2B (Green) : stays
SS (Lugo,Gonzalez) : Lugo gone
3B (Cantu) : stays
LF (Crawford) : stays
CF (Hollins) : stays as backup
RF (Huff/Munson) : Huff gone
DH (Gomes) Stays
SP (Fossum): stays
SP (Kazmir) : stays
SP (Hendrickson) : trade possible
SP (McClung) : stays
SP (Nomo): trade possible
RP (Carter): trade possible
RP (Miller): trade possible
RP (Waechter) : stays
RP (Orvella) : stays
RP (Brazelton): goes we hope
RP (Baez) : goes
RP (Harper) : demotion possible

Out of these names, most could be had for Huff, Baez, and Lugo

Huff: Dodgers, Cubs, ?
Baez: Marlins, Mets, Arizona
Lugo: Cubs, Rockies, ?

If there was a logical trading partner for Huff, it has to be the Dodgers. They have one of the most solid array of talent. Cubs might be a good fit as well.

As where these people go, that is unknown. However:

Carlos in mix?

The Rays have their collective eye on a pair of Arizona's 2003 first-round draft picks, OF Conor Jackson and OF Carlos Quentin, as well as SS Sergio Santos.

Jackson, out of Cal, is batting .370 with 58 RBIs and a .463 on-base percentage in 75 games. Quentin, out of Stanford, is batting .301 with 14 home runs, 52 RBIs and a .422 on-base percentage in 78 games.

Santos is batting only .238 with a .298 on-base percentage, but he has 11 homers and 50 RBIs.

The scouting excursion doesn't necessarily mean a deal with Arizona is imminent.