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Getting what they deserved

Chuck Lamar got what he deserved, seeing his team lose because of Dewon Brazelton, a pitcher that has no business being on this roster and has given them every reason short of publicly insulting management for putting him there.

Lou Piniella got what he deserved for thinking that it was any sort of sensible idea sending Brazelton out there to pitch the 8th with a one run lead. How can anyone say that he is a great, savvy manager with a straight face after that debacle? If he is such a "winner" then why does he seem so infatuated with a pitcher who is anything but. He's not competetive, he isn't in control out there, he has never shown any sort of tendencies that would cause him to be labeled as "clutch," and most importantly of all he ISN'T ANY GOOD! There was an off day yesterday, everyone but Waechter should have been available. All of them except maybe Miller would be a better option than Brazelton in that situation. Even Harper with his recent terrible outings would be a better idea because at least in his most recent appearance he was good, something that can't be said of the Mighty Sweating Pig!

Making things even more ridiculous Lou didn't even start warming up a capable pitcher (Orvella) until  Brazelton had walked in a run! Either Lou doesn't really care and just wants to spite the front office or he's a complete and utter fool. After tonight maybe we should wonder if it's both.