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Sheff Pay Day

A happy Gary Sheffield is a good one. Get him mad, and you don't want him around. Sheffield has always had the talent. He played in the Little League world series representing Tampa, attended Hillsborough High, a school that has produced many MLB players. Plus, he has cousin Doc who was is like a brother to him.

When he became a free agent I pleaded for Rays to show him the money. The Rays for some reason signed a Jose Cruz instead.  Instead, crosstown owner George opened up his wallet.

Sheffield has never been scared to speak his opinion. Its a sad sounding statement coming out that he is more concerned about a payday rather than representing his country.

You did not hear this tune from the Dream Team when they represented the USA as Olympic Pro players for the first time.  

This is especially strange since MLB has guaranteed contracts, unlike other pro sports. I just don't get this statement by Sheff.  Why take this approach?