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7/14 at Blue Jays

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Real baseball is back!

Casey "Possum" Fossum vs. Ted "Flower" Lilly

Speaking of possums, it would be nice if Casey would stop playing at it and have a good performance. He hasn't had a better than adequate start since June 20th in New York.

Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Cantu 3B
Huff RF
Perez DH
Hollins CF
Lee 1B
Hall C
Green 2B

So the second half starts with Jonny Gomes on the bench against a left-handed pitcher. Screw you Piniella, you incompetent bum.

Against left-handed pitching

Crawford: .238/.277/.336
Lee: .231/.268/.282
Gomes: .378/.452/.757

Can anyone honestly leave a comment on here defending Piniella and saying that he knows what he's doing? The simplest baseball fan could look at this situation and make the right decision yet a guy who has managed since 1990 can't.