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So Fossum came out because he was out of gas and Gomes overslept and was late. Well, at least it's a good reminder to me of the position I'm in and the things I do and do not know. It's funny, I often get frustrated with people that have knee-jerk reactions to things yet I can be the same way at times. Yeah, I usually at least have a reason for it and I generally don't make snap judgements based on small sample sizes of information but it's similar in a way. Being introspective and admitting your own flaws sucks.

I will say this about the Gomes situation though. If Aubrey Huff overslept and was late, would he have been benched? Would Crawford, a favorite of Piniella who still bats leadoff against left-handed pitchers, have been benched? Would uber-veteran Eduardo Perez be benched if it was against a left-handed pitcher? Would Hideo Nomo not make his start that day (assuming an off day or something allowed them to bench him without messing up rest)? If it was Baez late to the park today would someone else have come in for the 9th inning?

Maybe it's my personal dislike and distrust of Piniella showing, I don't hide my subjectivity regarding him, but I'd say no to all of those things. He has shown a distinct preference for veterans and certain other players and they're treated completely differently than the Cantus and Gomes of the team. You get in a slump? Keep on going out there and battling every day! Have a bad relief outing? Don't want you to lose confidence, we'll keep using you like normal! Etc, etc.

Gomes has never been in Piniella's favor, it seems like he gives him playing time and moves him up in the lineup almost grudgingly. I think better-liked players would have only been fined for the minor transgression. Maybe it's just me, there's a poll under Entry Link for you to give your opinion.