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7/16 at Blue Jays

Mark "Three Inning" Hendrickson vs. Josh "No-hitter" Towers

Gathright CF
Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Cantu 3B
Huff RF
Gomes DH
Lee 1B
Hall C
Green 2B

He said he'd do it and he actually did it. Impressive.

I'm just happy that Gomes is playing but it seems a little weird to have him at DH today. He made a great catch last night, a perfect example of what he brings to the table that Huff doesn't: range. He can be shaky out there but what he lacks in fundamental skill is probably at least made up for by superior range. It just looks worse when his flaws come into play because he muffs fairly rountine plays while Huff doesn't come close to making them in the first place.