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7/17 at Blue Jays

I think winning three out of four in Toronto to start the second half would be a good idea. The Rays should do that.

Seth McClung vs. Pete Walker

Gathright, CF
Crawford, LF
Lugo, SS
Cantu, DH
Huff, RF
Lee, 1B
Cortez, 2B
Hall, C
Gonzalez, 3B

No Gomes, not that we should be surprised. How exactly is he supposed to adapt to hitting right-handed pitching in the majors if he gets benched against them half the time? Even if he were to go 0-4 today the experience would be more valuable to the Rays than any marginal upgrade from his replacement that would assist in winning an essentially meaningless game.

You can't even excuse the move in that way anyway since Crawford has been awful against left-handed pitching all season but still leads off every game against them.