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A more likeable Lou

I really enjoyed Lou's (completely justified) blow-up and ejection tonight. He's awesome when he really gets going and tonight was really the first time I remember him going off like that since 2003. He has been so complacent the last year and a half, looking nothing like the famously fiery personality that threw bases and kicked his cap across the field in the past.

RaysAllTheWay brought up a good point over on Lou has actually made moves and managed since the ASB. He seems more willing to use his bench in game and shake things up when necessary. He finally took Lee out and put Huff at first, an acknowledgement of how much of a problem Lee's lack of hitting has been. I still won't agree with his use of Gomes unless he's starting just about every day, I see no reason why he shouldn't be, but at least it looks like Lou may be TRYING now. He's not sulking in the dugout or walking around yelling but doing nothing.

I still don't think too much of him and this doesn't change him being a poor fit for this team but the second half could be a lot more enjoyable to watch if he keeps this up and shows some life. Who knows, it may even result in more wins.