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Our savior has arrived!........oh wait, it's just Chris Singleton again

I can't find a link for it yet but apparently Eric Munson has gone on the DL with a rib injury from his slide into home the other day and Chris Singleton is coming up to replace him on the roster. Can't say I really care one way or the other, though if this results in even a game less of playing time for Gomes then I'm going to want Piniella's head on a plate.


[Update 7/3]

Chris Singleton has been released by the Rays. I could care less about him but that's a pretty lousy way to treat somebody. Why was he called up in the first place instead of Gathright if this was going to happen? Did somebody just forget that they had Gathright available to bring up on Saturday? Did the light bulb in Lamar's dim head go on, making him realize that the Rays don't have a backup infielder with Gonzalez on the DL? What the heck are they doing?