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7/20 Richmond

I am getting ready to leave for the Bulls game against the Atlanta Braves' Triple-A Affiliate. This will be my first chance to see Upton and Delmon Young play on the same team.

I hope the two come up to the majors together. I truly feel as if these two players will change how the Devil Rays organization is viewed by the baseball community.

Upton at one point was viewed as the Rays best prospect ever. However, Young has raised the bar and he is the Franchise.

These guys are really, really young. Kazmir is in that category of being wet behind the ears in baseball years.  So is Cantu.

I compare Young and Kazmir being summoned to the majors having a similar jolt of youth that the Marlins experinced a few years back in Cabrera and Willis.

Getting to the big leagues is one big jump. Continuing to evolve and improve will be the next step for these young players.

We have alot of good baseball to look forward to over the next few years that certainly will make up for the frustration the Devil Ray fans have experienced for a long while.