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7/24 vs. Orioles

Casey Fossum vs. Erik Bedard

Lugo SS
Crawford LF
Cantu 2B
Gomes RF
Huff 1B
Perez DH
Gonzalez 3B
Hall C
Hollins CF

Some oddities in there, mainly that Hall is catching a day game after a night game (Lou trying to show displeasure with having LaForest as the backup?) and Gonzalez in the lineup instead of Green who is a serious lefty-basher. At least Gomes is playing!

How about The Dominator? last night? I was at the game, heck of a performance by Kazmir. According to ESPN's Game Score stat that was his best start of the year, getting a 69 and beating out a couple 67's earlier in the season. I'd agree with that, he was just on and most importantly showed fairly good control. The only disappointment was him walking Sosa twice, that guy will swing (and miss) at anything that looks like it might be a strike.

McClung was only decent the night before but still gave us reason to be positive. In his bullpen time earlier this year he got a good number of strikeouts but didn't seem to have the ability to dominate hitters even when he was making them miss. So far as a starter that hasn't been a problem at all, he's just racking up the K's and making hitters look foolish at times. Despite the poor control he's performing solidly, 36 strikes to 18 walks in 31 innings since moving into the rotation. He can at least be a decent starter even with that, the most important thing is that he's getting a lot of strikeouts which is the best indicator of future success. The one thing he absolutely has to cut down on though is home runs, he has given up a Waechter-like five in his time back in the rotation.