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The Durham Bulls mid season awards

Snorty Awards at the mid point:

Mid-Season MVP - Jonny Gomes
Mid-Season MVP still with Durham - Earl Snyder
Best power hitter - Pete LaForest
Most team spirit - Brooks Badeaux
Best starting pitcher - John Webb
Best relief pitcher - Tim Corcoran
TSB Fan Favorite - Seth McClung
Most versatile player - Paul Hoover
Best addition to the team - Darnell McDonald
Most missed - Jonny Gomes

The Devil Rays pick up another game on the Red Sox, Ya Gotta Believe.

David Wells on Lou :

I think Lou needs to chill out and give these guys opportunities instead of criticizing them. Give them props and work with them, get somebody that can do it. They've got some tremendous arms over there. They've got some live arms, and they've got guys that can do it. But when you're under pressure like that all the time, it's hard to pitch.

I can't rememeber getting this much production from every one of the 25 players since Jume 2004. Lou has changed his approach slightly in second half giving way to the young guys. We are getting quality starts is the main difference. As far as David Wells comments, he should look at his own clubhouse. Lou has always worked by confrontation. Not sure how well that works with young players. But, you don't hear any of his own players past or present coming forward.