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7/3 at Twins

Scott Kazmir vs. Joe Mays

Alex Gonzalez went on the DL with a strained neck, Waechter with tendonitis in his index finger. Joey Gathright was called up, making the Singleton call up yesterday even stupider. Now the Rays have six outfielders and only four spots to put them in. All this does is give Lou an excuse to bench Gomes, one of only two players on the team that has the potential to be a complete hitter this season. He did that today of course, because you can't have three bad games in a row without punishment unless you're one of Piniella's crappy veterans.

The pitcher called up was Joe Beimel, probably the fifth best option off the Durham roster. He's left-handed so this move was probably made to satisfy the Big Whine.

Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Huff DH
Cantu 3B
Lee 1B
Hollins RF
Green 2B
Cash C
Gathright CF