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7/30 vs. Royals

Doug Waechter vs. Zack Greinke

Lugo SS
Crawford LF
Cantu 3B
Huff DH
Gomes RF
Lee 1B
Green 2B
Hall C
Gathright CF

Lugo is finally where he should have been all season long, leading off. Isn't he exactly what you want from your leadoff hitter?

  • Gets on base as well or better as the other logical candidates (and has put up a pretty nice OBP so far this season)
  • Is fast and a good basestealer
  • Doesn't mind taking walks
  • Doesn't have the power to bat in the middle of the lineup
  • Is good at getting on with a bunt hit when the defense alignment is favorable
  • Battles up there, fouling off pitches to work the count and wear down the pitcher some
  • Pretty consistent, doesn't often go into long slumps

Just the OBP and lack of power makes him a natural fit to me but he does everything that Piniella would like too from his leadoff man. Crawford has never been a good fit in the leadoff spot and probably never will be; if he learns to get on base enough to be a good leadoff man then his power (which would improve from better selectivity at the plate) would make him a much better fit in the middle of the lineup.

The trade rumors continue to swirl but the massive deal with Boston and New York is probably off. Separate deals are still very possible, the latest is that Shoppach could still come to the Rays in a Huff deal; I assume that there will be more than Shoppach coming or else that would be lopsided in favor of Boston.