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Huff interest

Despite what Rosenthal says, I think Huff's destination could be the Dodgers especially now with Drew out:

Maybe Devil Rays right fielder-first baseman Aubrey Huff would revive if he joined a contender, but teams interested in trading for him surely are alarmed that he began the week with six homers in 282 at-bats; Rays outfielder Jonny Gomes had six in 80 at-bats.

Huff's defensive shortcomings likely will limit his market to A.L. clubs, though the Astros might want to stick him at first and move Lance Berkman back to left. The Blue Jays showed interest in the past.

The Dodgers have the farm system to land some players if they so desired to. I would think Huff would be the type of player that would interest the Dodgers GM, who came from Oakland and knows what OBP is.