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7/5 at White Sox

Mark "Strikeout" Hendrickson vs. Freddy "Son-in-law" Garcia

Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Cantu 3B
Huff DH
Lee 1B
Hollins RF
Green 2B
Hall C
Gathright CF

Just as quickly as Lou took to Gomes he had a few bad games and has been discarded in favor of the newest guy to come up. If you gotta bench somebody to get Gathright in there, how about Crawford? He has been mediocre all season yet doesn't suffer the same consequences as the players Piniella isn't infatuated with. That's irrelevant anyway since there's no reason for Damon Hollins to be playing over Gomes or Gathright while they're up.

That AVP on NBC ad on the sidebar is really distracting...