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Rays Bullpen vs Jose A. Contreras

The announcement yesterday by Mr Piniella will have people watching.  Call him a mad scientist or whatever, he is at least being innovative. Though, he will probaly upset a few in the Roto baseball community.

It will be interesting to see if he goes through with it.

1    Carl Crawford, LF   
2    Julio Lugo, SS   
3    Aubrey Huff, DH   
4    Jorge Cantu, 3B   
5    Travis Lee, 1B   
6    Damon Hollins, RF   
7    Nick Green, 2B   
8    Toby Hall, C   
9    Joey Gathright, CF

Update [2005-7-6 20:23:26 by David M. Bloom]: Lou did not go through with it as expected.