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Patience is a virtue

The Rays did a "what is out of favor and unloved" decision by sticking with BJ Upton at AAA Durham.  

This column in the Times is great. Its encouraging that Upton has come along at SS despite hitting low levels with his fielding early on. I guess when you are really struggling there is nowhere to go but up.

My approach with Brazelton, with McClung ... is when the player is ready to be the regular for the next ten years, that is the time to promote him.

Those who remember the ARod who got his first taste of Major League Ball and the one that showed up later were completely different models.

Speaking of the Times, it is my opinion that this paper clearly dominates the Tribune in the amount of coverage on Rays, and the quality of coverage. I used to be a Tribune guy, but I am clearly a convert to the Times.