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7/7 vs. les Tigres

Seth "Grand Rouge" McClung vs. Sean "troisième jeu" Douglass

Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Huff DH
Cantu 3B
Lee 1B
Hollins RF
Cortez 2B
Cash C
Gathright CF

No Gomes? Merde.

It's ridiculous that the 31 year old career minor leaguer Hollins continues to play every day while Gomes, part of the future, rots on the bench. That's not even the most ridiculous thing keeping Gomes from a position though because Huff is occupying the DH spot while Travis Lee, hitting .235/.317/.330 with a VORP of -0.3 and an EqA of .246, plays first base. The man is one of the worst offensive regulars in the American League! Yet another thing to add to the long (and continually growing longer) list of black marks against Piniella.