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Dear Lou and Chuck,

The Devil Rays are at a crossroads on the 2005 season. The players put on the field are not coming together as a team. It is a low point on the season. It is worse than the 13 or so runs that Rob Bell gave up in that one inning, worse than the comeback the Yankees put up on Travis Harper. I mean 10 losses in a row now puts the franchise in exclusive company as the worst team in baseball. We have 27 victories on the season putting the team on pace for 100 loss season.

The pitching staff has not developed. The bullpen is a disaster. We have tried the musicial chair pitching rotation, the Durham express of candidates in AAA, you even toyed with the idea of use a bullpen as a starter. Bottom line Lou, Chuck is a roving instructor type. We need a veteran pitching coach guru. There is 80 more games to try a different approach. Do not wait until the offseson to build on this season.

This team is going nowhere. Take the Billy Beane approach and get some talent that aligns with the salary constraints of this organization. Move the veteran players. We need to see what the kids can do. Bring up Upton, bring up more young arms, lets see what the kids can do.

Lou, its great that you came home. Go somewhere where you can win again. Don't go through the motions for one year, go to a team that wants to win now. This team needs a manager who has the patience to develop the kids.

Chuck, take note of your old employer the Braves. Have you seen how a youth based team can take off with the right manager. Find the right manager for this team. It seems you excell in the scouting department, let someone else run this franchise. Like on the Apprentice, Your Fired!