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I regret to tell you that I will no longer for writing for DRays Bay. For several reasons, including reducing my commitments, wanting to concentrate more on my work at (hopefully doing more than just the weekly column), and that I don't feel I produce as much content as I'd like, I have decided to stop writing here.

I started up my original blog, Z-Rays, almost a year ago as an experiment to express my thoughts in a more ordered way. I didn't know how long it would last because I didn't know if I had the blogger mentality, the desire and ability to produce new content nearly every day. To be honest I actually lasted longer than I thought, when I first started blogging I thought going on for six months would be a good accomplishment. If I'm going to blog I'd like to produce a fairly steady stream of content; I'm not doing that and it bothers me that I'm not so I'm going to quit.

I'd like to thank David for giving me the chance to write here and all of you for reading and commenting. It's not always easy to be a Rays fan and continue to support the team and root for them passionately so the fans that do that are true fans, the best around. I doubt I'll ever write a blog again but I enjoyed the time I spent doing it and hope that I have provided interesting and useful commentary to you.