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The Rays Act

After 113 games, Devil Rays have managed to win a meager 44 games. It has all come down to pitching. I mean we have plenty of real good hitters. Julio Lugo has had a surprise good year. Carl Crawford has continued to put up the numbers, though he seems more destined to NOT be a leadoff hitter. Cantu whenever you think he has hit a wall, he comes back and shows he is going to be an offensive force for years to come. Huff has had a nightmare first half due in part to head games of being shopped to just about every team.  A franchise like Rays can not afford to let him go despite the young kids on the horizon.

The kids will have to be the arms this organization turns it around with.  I am glad we have two leftys in Kazmir and Fossum to be focal points of the rotation for several years. McClung could join the other two, but he is not there yet.

If Lou stays on for 2006 or moves on, it does not matter. This organization is built for what happens after 2006.

Its been a tough year to follow this team for me included.  

We have about three weeks until rosters get expanded. Expect to see alot of the future given some big league experience and for them to challenge for spots in 2006. Keep the faith.