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Rays callups

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What to do with integrating the yound phenoms in Durham once rosters expand in September. In Upton's case, I hope Piniella plays him in the role that he is a  shortstop only. I would be ok with him being an occasional DH.

With Upton's speed and plate selection beyond his years in age, does he take the role of leadoff hitter?

These are some of the questions to be answered shortly. The transition of Huff to be the everyday 1B should also begin with Young's arrival. Lee has been a so so fill in, but thats all he is. He is keeping the position warm until this time. Huff becomes the 1B, and Lee would be the pinch hitter extroadinare, or defensive replacement.

Hammel and Seddon deserve a look in rotation despite some of their sruggles in Durham.  If Brazelton gets a chance before them, that would be dissapointing.