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General thoughts 8/24

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Little by little, we see the promise of two years ago that Seth McClung showed before the injury. With McClung, Kazmir, and hopefully Fossum, we have three rotation spots warm for years to come.

Jorge Cantu. Is there anything not to be tickled about with the year he is having. He is like a young Jeff Kent without the attitude.

Somehow even with the slower than usual start Huff has had this year, he seems like he will be in line for another 100 RBI year. Gotta give props for doing it year in and year out.

Jonny Gomes. He is the rookie we all hoped he woud and better. Baseball Prospectus called in first in their prediction on him. We all agreed. It took Lou and MLB baseball longer to see the light.

Julio Lugo and Carl Crawford. Setting the table with that speed. Our former writer here was right that the only tables that Alex Sanchez would be setting this year was if he took up a career as a waiter.

The bullpen seems to be better this second half. The former Cub came back to reality. Seems we have a better group chemistry wise. Send Jesus "Mr Flip Flops Attitude" on his way.