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First Minor League Report Lost

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Hey Devil Rays fans, Patrick Kennedy here! I spent over two hours doing my first minor league report for DRays Bay, and wouldn't you know it, the site lost it somewhere between the preview and submit tabs. So, essentially, a story that was probably well over 1000 words was lost forever. Looks like I'll be saving my reports to word before I post them hee again. Lesson learned.

Anyways, the article made a point of a couple things...
-Every DRO team except for Hudson Valley had a winning record this past week, the 'Gades were winless

-I went off on a long rant on how Wade Townsend is struggling and needs to get his head out of his ass and stop acting like he is above the NY-Penn League. NEWS FLASH: You are as good as your record indicates buddy, and right now, that record ain't so good.

This article would have provoked many comments had it been posted, which is why I am so disappointed that it got lost, because I do this to inform and entertain you-the fans. Oh well, in everything a lesson is learned, and I will make sure to take more precautions next time.

I will be doing my Game Preview and First Person Game Report, most likely tomorrow morning. But right now, me needs some sleep. So until tomorrow, this is Patrick Kennedy saying good night.