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I am not sure what to make of the report. Do I want Naimoli out. Absolutely. Any owner who pockets money at the expense of putting a competitive team on the field should be out. There should be some exclusion like in the best interest in the game clause. In fact, they should call it the Naimoli rule from here on out.

Lets get one thing clear. The Rays front office and management did their best to make the first half a disaster. I am not sure where Sternberg fit in with this pursuit, but it made this franchise look like a joke. Say what you want, Sternberg will have to show me something.

As far as the on the field stuff, Lou has had this game pass him by in some cases. He was willing to start a reliever rather than come up with a new plan for the bullpen. Like the one that is currently implemented. Not sure if having Borowski gave him what he needed, but try it a little sooner.

Lou is one of those old school guys. Like a Dallas Green. You can't plug and play and manage the same way everywhere. Just as Dallas had to go, Lou has to go as well.  I am not saying this based on his game managing strategy. Its more about development of players.

Nobody has developed much on Lou's watch. Props have to go out to Bill Evers in Durham. The players down there just simply improve.  I am not sure if the Rays will go in that direction. But, the Evers handled the B.J. errors which kept Upton from ever getting down. The guy keeps going out there at SS. He has not let the defense effect his approach to the game. I like that.