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Wins Above Replacement

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Over at Baseball Prospectus they have a stat called Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP). It's a way to gauge how much a player has contributed beyond what the theoretical "replacement player," a guy plucked off the scrap heap or out of the minors, would do. The biggest flaw is that the defensive portion comes from using BPro's defensive stats which are pretty suspect. It will do for this though since I'm looking to see the general amount of value the players have each contributed, not get a definitive conclusion about their performance.

I'm actually using WARP2 for this since it adjusts for more than WARP1.

Position Players

Jorge Cantu 2.7
Kevin Cash 0.3
Fernando Cortez -0.3
Carl Crawford 3.9
Joey Gathright 0.3
Jonny Gomes 2.3
Alex Gonzalez 1.2
Nick Green 2.0
Toby Hall 3.3
Damon Hollins 1.9
Aubrey Huff 2.8
Charles Johnson -0.1
Pete LaForest 0.1
Tim Laker 0.0
Travis Lee 2.4
Julio Lugo 6.1
Eric Munson 0.1
Eduardo Perez 1.1
Josh Phelps 0.9
Alex Sanchez 1.1
Chris Singleton 0.4
Reggie Taylor 0.0
Total 32.4


Danys Baez 3.5
Joe Beimel 0.1
Rob Bell -0.3
Joe Borowski 0.3
Dewon Brazelton 0.0
Lance Carter 0.8
Jesus Colome -0.5
Tim Corcoran 0.1
Casey Fossum 3.3
Lee Gardner -0.1
Travis Harper -0.5
Mark Hendrickson -0.2
Scott Kazmir 2.7
Seth McClung -0.3
Trever Miller 0.3
Hideo Nomo -0.2
Franklin Nunez -0.3
Chad Orvella 0.9
Jon Switzer 0.0
Doug Waechter 0.9
John Webb -0.1
Total 10.6

Interesting stuff for contemplation, if not the most accurate measure of their contributions to the team winning or losing.