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Farm systems do count

In Peter Gammon's latest column he talks about how baseball has gone back to where the minor league systems actually count.   However, minor league talent has counted just as much in earlier years, its just getting more PR this season. Teams are holding on to the young guys so another Kazmir "jewel of the minor league system" incident does not take place again.  Getting fleeced by Chuck LaMar can do that.

The Braves are the poster boys for the recent minor league talent providing a boost. This years callups by the Braves is more visible than it has been in recent years. I guess this is in part to the amount of players that have come up. But, they did the same thing last year with Nick Green and Co. being last years baby Braves. The Diamondbacks did it two years ago with Robby Hammock, Matt Kata, and bunch of young kids, but their destiny changed to worse when they went back to the older guys.

I am willing to forget the first half of the 2005 season even took place for Rays. Now we have our young kids showing up in numbers. We have the AL rookie contender in Jonny Gomes, and Joey, Joey! As more kids show up and produce its going to be alot of fun. This is what the diehard Devil Ray fans have stuck around for. I am glad the Rays stuck with their existing talent base.  If you devlop major league talent, you have alot invested. Thefore, unless you are getting a stud back, better off to keep the piece that is already part of the existing chemistry.


On a side note, it was pretty interesting reading in todays paper about how Lou has never used the 7th , 8th , 9th inning assigments (Orvella, Borowksi, Baez) for the bullpen in his managing career before. Instead, focusing on specific player matchups. This is proof that Lou needs some brushing up on new managing techniques in majors. I can understand going by matchups. However, you need to evolve as a a manager. The same old tricks don't always work with different personnel