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Terrible umpiring

It's not often that you see a member of both teams tossed for arguing balls and strikes in a game. It was completely justified though as the umpiring was awful tonight, going against both teams. The calls on the corners of the plate were badly inconsistent, strikes being balls and a lot of balls being strikes. The Orioles were screwed pretty badly a couple times on calls in the field, first on the sinking liner that Roberts clearly caught but was ruled a trap and the double play that Tejada hit into where he was safe at first by quite a bit.

The Orioles had suffered more from the umpiring until the ninth until Eduardo Perez was called out on strikes on a pitch that was CLEARLY off the plate. Nick Green was also called out on an outside strike, not as blatantly wrong as the call against Perez but still incorrect. I guess it all evened out in the end and nobody got an unfair advantage but it still felt like the game was cheapened because the players weren't always deciding the outcome.

Is it just me or has the umpiring been abnormally bad this season? I've seen waaaay too many bad calls, both benefiting and hurting the Rays. The strike zones especially have been bad and the umpires haven't even been consistent with bad calls. There's a poll under Entry Link.


Has the umpiring been unusually bad this season?

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