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Not mailing it in

Rays of Hope

If the season were divided into halves, as they often are in the minor leagues, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would be battling for the American League East's second-half title.

Through Friday, the Rays had a 31-22 record after the All-Star break, putting them two games behind Boston (33-20) and a game behind the Yankees (33-21).

And still, Lou is on the hot seat. As much as some of the things Lou has done this season annoys me, its is still kinda scary to mess with the chemistry here. One instance of bad karma, and we are back to bad thing that has happened the past decade.

This we know for next year.

1. Lugo is our leadoff hitter.
2. Kazmir is pretty good young player to be in the rotation for years.
3. Cantu won't be a utility player like he had been targeted to be coming into the year.
4. We won't have two has beens battling to be our #1 pitcher
5. The kids will play