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Mark Hendrickson: 9 wins (stud or dud)...

Mark Hendrickson leads Devil Ray starting pitcher with the nine wins. Some may picture him as the Rays #1 pitcher after compiling the most number of wins by a Rays starting pitcher. However, if you look inside his numbers this year, you realize how bad a pitcher he is.

The first alarming number is the 150 IP and 195 Hits given up.

If that number does not scare you enough, how about the 6.06 ERA.

After receiving my Sunday stats package today from ATM
which gave me even better data on Hendrickson:

Baserunners / 9 IP : 14.28 (Third Worst in AL)
Earned runs : 101 (fourth worst AL)
ERA : 6:06 (second worst AL)
Hits :195 (third worst AL)
Hits /9IP : 11.70 (AL worst)