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fifteen games to go

My top 10 highlights of 2005

  1. The team  or chemistry shown by players coming togther as a well defined unit.
  2. The arrival of Cantu as full time player
  3. Jonny Gomes getting a real chance to shine
  4. Scott Kazmir becoming a legitimate force to reckon with for years to come in the American league
  5. The Devil Rays organization not breaking up team at midseason
  6. Word that there is a chance Vince might go
  7. The trade of Fossum for a free agent failure Jose Cruz Jr.
  8. The comeback of Seth McClung as a starting pitcher
  9. Julio Lugo as a leadoff hitter, Carl in the two spot
  10. The walk off homer by Perez after Kazmir lost his chance of a win after pitching a gem.