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Sir Speedy

The Rays certainly have some speed in Lugo, Carl at the top of the order. Then, there is the fastest guy in baseball in Gathright. It took a while, but Lou is finally impressed with Joey:

"He's quick - isn't he quick?" Piniella said. "He made that happen in the eighth inning That's the way to manufacture a run. ... Speed is a constant. It makes infielders shorten up a little bit, creates holes for hitters. There is a big advantage to having speed."

Speaking of Carl, with 186 hits he is in range to beat Huff's Devil Ray single season hits record of 198.

As far as Dewon's going public the custody battle for his son, it must be tough on him. I am surprised he came back so soon from his unpaid absence. I also can understand now why he did not go public with reason of his absence. However, his chance of becoming a successful starting pitcher in the major leagues is getting less likely.