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Doctor K

I grew up first with Tom Seaver as my favorite player, then followed Dwight Gooden as it appeared that he was starting what looked like a fantastic career. It never happened.

I agree with Bert. Lets have Delmon Young and BJ Upton be their own players and stop with the comparisons. No more Jeter/Upton comparisons. Lets end the Delmon is the next coming of Albert Belle....

It takes physical talent and a maturity level to have a long term successful career in the majors leagues. What we have are two kids, trying to make the big time. Playing in Tampa is nothing like NY where you have a half dozen or more covering every game. To me, Upton has shown the talent and the maturity level after spending a year in AAA, not really hearing any groans expect though his agent. So what we have here is a good combination of the skills and the decsion making.

In Delmon, he is just young kid probably where every team he has ever played on, he has been the best player. When he reads the news, he hears it in the media how great a player he is as well. I think having a mentor around like Dimitri Young would be a great idea.