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Piniella out

S.P. Times is reporting that there is a manager vacancy in Tampa Bay.

There will be no Piniella to the Yankees for a player to be named.

Lou will be a free man. When Piniella came to Tampa Bay, I thought we had scored a gem.

But, after three years, really there has not not much you can take away from this.  Naimoli and Co. paid him alot of money and there is really nothing to show for it.

For all Lou's claim of wanting ownership to add to the payroll, never did we hear Lou say he would take a pay cut.

When things got tough, he did not say I have each and every player's back. Likewise, there were few in the clubhouse who had Lou's back.

So, maybee there was some truth to the things Schilling and Ortiz said.

Its seems some players got their chance despite Lou. If Lou had his way, Cantu would be of been a utility player. We saw Gomes sit on Lou's bench for a week, without an explanation. Jonny did finally got his shot.  

It does not matter anymore, its time to turn the page. A new chapter will be written. This is first part of a three part series that is about to take place in Tampa Bay.

Lets hope the other two pieces fall into place. We need a skipper who will be a mentor. We need a Coach K type, the Bobby Knight type is just not a fit here.

Update [2005-9-22 8:48:49 by David M. Bloom]:Video