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Candidate #1

If you listened to video link I put up from yesterday, they mention how they think Sternberg is a big fan of Bobby Valentine. As far as that goes, he did work with a young team in Texas. His teams in New York were built to win now.

I liked what he did in New York, but I don't really see him as the right fit for this young team. First, this would probaly be his last manager job. He does not seem like a guy I really see as the mentor type. He likes to talk to media on internal problems. Sometimes it seems like he liked to draw attention to himself. Then, there is that disguise he wore in the digout that day after he was booted from the game.  

I hope the team grabs a Eric Wedge type. Some guy who has been around the game, is a young manager, can relate to players, and is bright.

Lets hope we do not go the Valentine route. Thoughts?