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What If

Vince decides he is not ready to step away. That my friends would be the worst news of the year. I don't even want to think about the possibility, but the keys to the DRays city are a cash settlement away. I think Vince is a business man, not much of a people person so he knows a good buck when he see's one. Some extra cash to walk away early is something that Vince will definately take part in. So, we can breathe easier now.

So the question as far as a GM goes, do we want a seasoned GM who has been around the block before. Are we talking the scholarly kind who is into numbers, or do we go with a guy with a passion for scouting good talent. Is it important that the GM is well connected in baseball circles. Well, its good to talk about, but my guess is Sternberg and his partners already have a good idea who they will go after.  The guy that has been mentioned is the ex-Houston General Manager . He did steal some players from us. We will just sit back and see how this plays out.