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Will Clark was right

Whats wrong with the ex-college teammate signing and taking away his job as a Texas Ranger. Palmiero bashed Clark all over the news as you don't do that to an ex-teammate.

Well, today Raffy has gone from a respected voice of baseball and possible HOF to an entirely worse reputation then , let me say, Alex Sanchez.

The fact that he would be taking something after admiting under oath that he is not a steriod user.

But, this is an all time low. Putting Tejada's name out there because he gave him a vitamin B-12. He said this might of been where he got the steroids from.

From all I have read about it in news, Raffy had a highly potent level of steriods in him.

To put a young talented player name out there without any proof puts a nail in his HOF chances, period.

If Canseco complained ever about being blackballed from baseball, Raffy will know what its like.

Its a pretty gutless thing to do. He needs to come clean and step up to the plate and accept responsibility for what he did.

The guy has lost all credibility in the course of a few months. I personally never viewed him as HOF materials even though he had nice overall numbers.