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2006 Season Schedule

The Devil Rays on Monday released a tentative draft of their 2006 schedule, and by all accounts, it is a good one.

The Rays open the 2006 season with a seven day, six game road trip. They open the season in Baltimore on April 3rd. This is the second time in franchise history the Rays have opened their season in Baltimore, 1999 being the other time the first pitch of their season was thrown at Camden Yards. The home opener, again, is against the Orioles on April 10th.

The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) news is that the Rays have two weekend series each with the Red Sox and Yankees.  While that runs the risk of ailienating YOUR fans, it should drive up attendance, as should a weekend series with Atlanta.

Here are some of the other highlights from the  schedule:

-The Rays will once again continue their annual home and home series with the Marlins, though it starts earlier this year, May 19-21 at the Trop.

-The Rays other interleague home opponent is Arizona, who comes in for the first time. The Rays take to the road to play at Washington and Philiadelphia.

An extra day has been added to the All-Star  break. Instead of beginning the second half with a four game series, the Rays will get the Thursday after the midsummer classic off.

-The unbalanced schedule format is kept, so the Rays will be playing one home and home with each AL opponent except for the AL West teams. They will play 19 games against their AL East foes Boston and Toronto, and 18 against New York and Baltimore

-The Angels and Rangers make two visits to the Trop this year,  and the Rays make two visits to Oakland and Seattle.

-The Rays, who had two 12 game road trips and two 10 games road trips this year, go on only two road trips of ten games next year, and they  are both bunched into one monthlong span on 26 games in which the Rays play 20 of 26 on the road.

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