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Curt Schilling was right

Interesting article by Jacob Larsen over at Rays Talk.

All I can say about this is to compare a situation. At UNC there was a basketball coach who people with inside knowledge of the situation said alot of bad stuff had taken place. Afer the administration sat down with the players, it was quite apparent a change at the coaching level had to be made. I am not one to say that the players should have the power to run off a coach. But, its quite clear when the going got tough for Lou, he did not take the heat off the players and place it on himself. He basically said he has no blame in this.

Sure there are some that are in Lou's corner, but if they sat down with each and every player, it would be apparent that Lou is not the fit that they hoped he would be when he came here.

We need a manager who is a mentor on and off the field. I just don't see that in Lou.  Sort of like the Jose Reyes and Willie Randolph bond that has taken place in NY.  Randolph did not throw any of his players under the bus.