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Road to Series goes through Tampa

Washington Post:

The list of 18 contenders, alas, does not include the Devil Rays, who, in their eight-year existence, have experienced exactly zero meaningful September games. Still, the eyes of baseball will be drawn to Tropicana Field this month, just the same. That's because almost every contending AL team faces the Devil Rays at least once this month.

The Rays have taken out Cleveland and Baltimore so far. Yankees to a point. Only team that has figured how to beat this team in second half is Boston.

The Devil Rays, 27-19 since the all-star break and suddenly loaded with dynamic young talent, already have been messing things up at the top for a few weeks now.

Suddenly, well, thanks to Lou not playing Gomes earlier in the year. Keeping him on bench for over a week without playing. That type of stuff can crush a young players confidence. Well, not Gomes atleast. Its yet to be determined the impacts of Upton from last year.