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Former GM Phillips: Save Upton, Young

Steve Phillips

Upton and Young have have had success at the minor-league level. If they truly are such top prospects and are performing at the Triple-A level, then why wouldn't the Devil Rays call them up? It seems like a reasonable question.

Fill in the blanks as I do not have ESPN insider access. I think what he is trying to say is why waste their uniform time when Rays are not doing anything this year. A few extra wins does not outweigh losing the players to free agency earlier. However, the Rays brain trust brought up BJ last year. So, I am not sure how that affects the timeclock. I guess if he does not go to majors this year, it just gives him one year or less of service time. All I can say, when Chipper first came up, he blew out a knee in Spring Training. SO, you plan, but til the guy arrives, he is just potential.